Chukar Chasers Forged Knife

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KC Iron handcrafted, and exclusive

Chukar Chasers forged steel blade out of Utah.

Disclaimer: Sharp Knife. By purchasing you acknowledge this knife may cause injury if not handled properly.

Blade length: 3.75"
Handle length is: 3.25"
Overall length of: 7"

Made in Salt Lake City.  This blade comes with a handcrafted leather sheath.

Care: Although the carbon steel extends the edge life of this blade, please note that carbon steel is highly susceptible to oxidizing (nasty ol' red rust!).  For that reason, prior to use you should wash it and run it over a sharpening stone, and then oil it with camellia oil. Throughout the season, be sure to wash and completely dry it after use.  It is also recommended to use camellia oil before and after the upland season



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